Wondering how to evaluate your year-end fundraising results?

Meet our CEO’s annual fundraising “secret weapon” Christine Kuriah, MPA!

Did you meet your year-end fundraising goals? Do you know what worked well and how you can leverage your success for an even greater impact next year? Or are you disappointed in the results and wondering what the heck went wrong?

Running a successful direct response program requires thoughtful planning, seamless execution, and thorough post-campaign analysis. For more than a decade, Christine Kuriah has been Stacy’s “secret weapon” behind many of her annual fundraising campaigns. Christine develops winning strategies, meets tight deadlines, analysis results, and continuously improves upon the methodology. It took a little coaxing, but when asked how she consistently turns straw into gold, here’s what she had to say:

“One could say my ‘super power’ is running smooth and powerful direct response fundraising programs and ‘back of house’ operations.

I enjoy developing, monitoring and evaluating annual fundraising plans and programs. This includes managing and retooling existing programs and systems so that we get the results we’re looking for. Taking the time to truly understand and develop your program operations, database administration, data analysis, financial reporting, income & expense projections, and how to increase revenue capacity can have a tremendously positive impact on your bottom line. I also get great satisfaction out of making sure that ‘all is as is it should be’ through managing audit preparations, accreditation compliance and accountability, as well as coaching and supervising both professional and support staff.” – Christine Kuriah, MPA

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